Road Trips

There are few countries in the world so synonymous with road trips than the United States of America. Picture cruising down a wide-open highway with a map on the passenger seat, snacks on the dash and a day full of countless possibilities.

Breathe in the freedom of the freeway as you take the wheel, passing through arid canyons, white-washed ski fields and luminous cities on a road trip across the grand United States.

A timeless tradition, coastal or cross country road trips highlight the sheer size and diversity of the country, awarding you the liberty of discovering the lay of the land on your own terms.

Make room in your itinerary to rove the well-travelled bitumen arteries and bumpy trails off the beaten track – chances are you're going to want to make a pit stop or two as you stumble upon America's great attractions along the way.

There are around 30 designated 'All-American Roads', noted for their scenic beauty, and 150 distinct byways snaking through the entire country. 

Here are some of the top USA road trips that will make you itch to get behind the wheel.

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