Location: Hawaii State Routes 36 and 360 (connects Kahului with Hāna in east Maui)Distance: 109 kilometres

Hana Highway

Location: Hawaii State Routes 36 and 360 (connects Kahului with Hāna in east Maui)

Distance: 109 kilometres

Hawaii might not seem like traditional road trip territory, but this six-hour drive delivers more heart- stopping vistas per minute than most other road trips. Pump up the ukuele music on the radio, let your hair down and enjoy the 600 slinky curves and some 59 narrow bridges along the way. Nature enthusiasts will revel in traversing through Maui’s rainforest terrain, over one-lane bridges and past roadside fruit stalls selling fresh coconuts, bananas and passionfruit at bargain prices.

Make a short 30-minute detour to Makawao all in the name of pastries, this small cowboy town located up into the hills of the iconic Haleakala volcano summit is home to the T. Komoda Store & Bakery which is famous for its cream puffs, donuts, and other mouth-watering sweets. Note the bakery is closed on Sunday and Wednesday.


  • There are so many places to stop off along the route, but don’t miss checking out: the brave surfers at Jaws; Twin Falls; the Painted Bark Eucalyptus trees along the way; Waianapanapa State Wayside Park’s black sand beach with sea caves; and taking a dip in the Seven Sacred Pools.

  • Take careful note of the mile markers along the road as these will guide you and help you look out for stops outlined in your USA travel guide. Also be mindful the highway numbers will change along the way (31, 36, 360) even though stretch of road stays the same. The mile markers help you to gauge when the new section of highway starts and ends.

  • Despite the road being busy, there aren’t many places buy food along the road, so stock up on fresh fruits and coconuts when you come across a fruit stand along the way.

  • With an estimated 620 curves, this trip isn’t for people who are easily carsick, so keep the windows rolled down and get high on Maui’s ultra-fresh air.


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