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SmartOne® Prepaid Offers the leading prepaid Corporate Award and Payroll Cards.

Why SmartOne Prepaid Cards?

Rewards and Recognition

1) Prepaid debit cards have been a preferred method for employees and customers regarding reward and recognition programs.

They are really convenient and flexible and a great way to award customers or reward employees to increase sales. Recognition is a big deal nowadays and just a small reward for a job well done can go along way in building a team environment and employee satisfaction.

It is just a proven fact that when you reward employees you will reach the company goals much faster. Incentives are fun and building a challenge regarding stretch goals that when met will lead to a money reward is something every company should maintain and foster.

Types of Rewards a SmartOne Prepaid card Will Recognize

Surprise employees on holidays and birthdays with a prepaid card.

Give them out for years of service. This is a nice tool to show appreciation to employees and let them pick their own gift with the flexibility of a SmartOne prepaid card.

If you have a year end incentive or bonus program, what better way to distribute your bonuses.

Another interesting idea is starting a program where you reward employees for wellness. This is a topic that costs the company money each year. By giving a reward for wellness each quarter or year it helps give incentive to be healthy and on the job more days of the year.

2) The SmartOne prepaid card is much safer than cash and is protected again fraud.

3) You can use them anywhere Visa and MasterCard is accepted even online.

How Long Does It Take to Get My SmartOne Prepaid Card?

Once your payment is processed, the card will be shipped out the next day. If you chose a customized card it can add 3-5 days to get your card after you apply.

Can I Customize Our Prepaid Cards For Our Business?

Yes. Images and other custom branding can be done to give your business more exposure and advertising. Your customers and employees will think of your company every time they use your card.

You can also add text to the bottom of the card with words like Thank you or congratulations.

What Are The Contact Numbers if I Want a SmartOne Prepaid for My Business?

To learn more you can call 1-800-391-9503 to speak to someone personally more about the program.

If you have an existing card you can call 1-866-778-4985, option 1.

TSYS — smartOne Prepaid
4501 North Point Parkway
Suite 500
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Website: www.SmartOnePrepaid.com


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